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Mahogony Mahogony Mahogony Mahogony

Mahogany Main Entry Feature

Main entry features are an important component not only to a community’s identity, but also to sales. As the first identifier prospective buyers encounter, entry features set the tone for a community’s personality. They also reflect strongly upon the developer’s reputation and its investment in the community.

For the award winning neighbourhood of Mahogany, Bassett Associates designed and constructed a timeless masonry entry feature. The objective was twofold: make a dramatic first impression on homebuyers visiting the community; and instil a sense of pride for residents as they return home.

We were inspired by a California Craftsman Style complemented with an artisan touch. This motif fits seamlessly with the community’s architectural controls and lake lifestyle. Waterfalls cascade over the large foundation boulders into a lit reflecting pool framing the community’s name. The feature is the implied water source for Mahogany Lake and the meandering boulevards and medians emphasize the connection to the lake. The result is a unique, enduring entry feature that distinguishes Mahogany as a warm and welcoming community for residents and visitors alike.

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